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Nadine Green


Bonjour! Ola! I have been in the travel industry since 1987, graduated from Southeastern Academy in

Kissimmee, FL with a Diploma for Travel and Tourism. I began traveling as a young child with my

parents, traveling to France and cross-country to many states on yearly family vacations. As a teenager,

I traveled to Greece with my sister for 2 weeks. It was at this point, that I truly got the travel “bug.”

I’ve traveled to France, England, Ireland, Greece, USVI, Anguilla, Jamaica, San Juan, Hawaii and Belize to

name a few. I’ve also sailed on several cruise lines.

My attention to detail helps when planning my Client’s trips and my passion is making their trips as

memorable and stress-free, as possible. I’ve planned some unique trips for my Clients, from hot-air

balloon rides over the rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany, to private candle-lit dinner in a wine cellar

including a private guitarist and even a special dinner in a private home, where the Italian homeowner

not only opened her home to them, but prepared a very authentic Italian meal in celebration of my

Client’s birthday. I’ve also planned a very custom chauffeur-driven trip to Ireland for a Client and a few

of their friends and family.

I enjoy the variety in cultures, history and the way of life when I travels. When I travel, I want to feel like

I belong there and would much rather stay in a more historic, traditional accommodation. My children

have also learned to love travel; my youngest being only 11 weeks old when she flew for the first time

overseas with us to visit family in England.

There is nothing more educational than travel! I would love the opportunity to help plan your next


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