Dottie Suttmeier
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Exotic Destination Specialist

Dottie Suttmeier

Leisure Travel Consultant

My name is Dottie Suttmeier CTC (Certified Travel Consultant). I have enjoyed working in the

travel industry for 48 years and have visited over 72 countries.

I started my travel journey by attending an airline school in Kansas City, Mo in 1968. Then

started work at my first agency in Kensington, CT in Jan 1969 and have never left the industry! I

found education a big part of my growing in the industry by participating in seminars,

educational travel trips and learning from my peers. I completed my CTC accreditation in 1983

and was totally involved in the CT Chapter of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) being

president at one point. I have been with Sanditz Travel for 26 years where I continue to better

my knowledge of my trade.

My passion has been what I call soft adventure travel where exotic and excitement come

together. I have visited and love to sell countries like, Tanzania, ballooning over the Serengeti

plains, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and Morocco in Africa. Climbing the Great Wall of China,

Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and in India visiting the Taj Mahal. Found my spiritual

place at the ancient Inca site of Machu Picchu, Peru, Brazil and the Galapagos Islands in

Ecuador. The rain forest of Costa Rica, colorful markets of Guatemala and the colonial history of

Mexico. I have also experienced a good part of Europe some of my favorite countries being

Greece where I honeymooned, Italy including Sicily, Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Spain,

Hungary Austria , Ireland and Poland my heritage.

My travels have also taken me on many cruises primarily to the Caribbean where I have also

stayed on many of the islands, Sail boats and a river cruise on the Rhine. I have also visited

many USA sights, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Hawaii, Alaska, San Francisco and

New Orleans

My love of travel, history and the excitement of the experience has helped me work with clients

by lessening to their need so I may create an unforgettable memory. I hope I can be a part of

your memory.

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